Khaliah Purnell


Khaliah “Ladi K “Purnell, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and attended the Philadelphia School System. At the early age of 13, Khaliah was afforded the ability to relocate to the beautiful Northwest State of Washington with her father and stepmother and attended and graduated school in the Pierce County school system. Khaliah is prior military,which she enlisted in after giving birth to her only child, at the age of 19. The oldest of Five Children, by her Father, she was afforded the ability to travel to different cities and states,  meeting different people and gaining learning experiences along the way. Khaliah earned her Master Of Arts Degree in Music Management as well as her Bachelor Of Science Degree in Criminal Law with an emphasis on Juveniles, and has since decided not to pursue the Law degree within being employed for the LAW, but to actually use both degrees together to begin her own companies and brands, focused on, what she enjoys most,  being a part of and doing, which is Entertainment, being a part of the CHANGE needed within our communities and homes, having the ability to utilize her own experiences and survival experiences to save another life and bring awareness to, writing, and leading. Khaliah relocated from Washington State, to Virginia in 2010, and has since created a life for herself and her daughter there, which she is happy about and continues to elevate with the guidance of none other than GOD himself.

Ladi K, as she is often called, chose to begin her own Company and brands in late 2016,  and has since grown her team behind and beside her, as well as been afforded the ability to assist others within their crafts and give others the platforms needed to showcase their talents, crafts, voices and more, through music showcases, talent shows, fashion shows, college tours, tribute shows, Management of a few Music Artist, Blogging about daily events and knowledge, offering artist and more the platform and exposure. Ladi K’s dream has always been to be able to use her experiences and mistakes, to assist others and to save as many as she could through them. Khaliah’s company, N-Unity Entertainment, LLC started as a one-person team, just herself, doing Event Planning and Showcases, and has since grown.  What started out as just Event Planning Services, turned into more. Ladi K has been afforded the ability to finally be able to began building her greatest dream, which is her Non-Profit organization, named after her only child, S.O.N.T.E which stands for " Saving Our Neighborhoods Together Equally, "  ​Khaliah Purnell is very much into saving the lives in the community and within families, and figuring a way to continue to bring awareness of the severity of the break within our communities and families,  and the things that we see, hear,  and endure daily, such as gun violence, domestic violence and abuse, suicide, bullying, and sexual abuse and to bring UNITY within the communities nationwide, one by one, which was the inspiration behind the name of the company N-Unity ( in unity), as well as the launch of her Luxury style, affordable, with a hint of Urban Apparel " A NU'U" which represents reborn, recreating, rebirth, growth and

" Never Give Up", which is in the building and branding stages..